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I talk to myself a LOT. Long monologues, complete with sarcasm.

Since I post a lot, I've set up a few filters which you have to be on to see.

Doctor Who: The Crazy Filter - This has slowly evolved into the place where I stick Doctor Who meta, which can be on the nutty side. Anyone's welcome here since I'm not trying to hide my opinions, but rather spare the portion of my flist that's not interested. I really like opposing viewpoints from fellow Who fans and challenging my opinions is a good thing. Comment here to sign up.

Doctor Who: Doctor/Rose - My happy place. Or should I say, happy places. Unlike the crazy filter where I like a good debate, in my D/R places I usually just like to squee, so I really prefer people to be D/R-inclined to be on these. I've got a general "Squee Filter" for pre-JE stuff, and a newer "Altverse Filter" where you'll be exposed to Ten II/Rose stuff. Head here to get on one or both.

Sherlock BBC: OMG my new obsession! Annoying squee posts about Sherlock BBC, John/Sherlock-type fic recs and so on. :D Drop me a note here to see it.

Fannish things about me: I'm an extremely lazy fic writer, writing only when the mood strikes or I've been inspired. I haven't been inspired for a while.

Doctor Who Adipose/Dalek/etc. Mood Theme from here.

Icons with no "made by" line were made by me. Go ahead and snag icons I made - I do not care. Resources.

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